Deep Well Drilling

We specialize in full service deep well drilling for domestic irrigation. We use the most modern water well drilling equipment in the industry, ensuring the project is completed efficiently and without a mess.The Water Authority in Cayman regulates each septic well by providing minimum depth and casing requirements, unique to each location.

Concrete Pumping

Our concrete pumping machine can handle all your concrete placement needs. We can provide concrete pumping services to the highest standards, using quality product to pump concrete into sheet pilings. With our up to date equipment, we can get the project done right, on time, and without any hassles.

Geothermal Wells for Air Conditioning Services

We provide Geothermal Well Drilling Services. Geothermal cooling systems have a lower operating cost than even the most efficient, conventional air conditioning units on the market. By installing a Geothermal system, consumers can expect up to a 50% savings on their cooling costs. For more information on Geothermal Cooling in Cayman visit GeoCayman.

Cesspool/Septic Tank Maintenance

Keeping your cesspool or septic tank properly maintained is vital to its longevity. Proper periodic maintenance offered by Watler & Hislop can keep your septic system in good working order. Call us or contact us to learn about our regular maintenance plans.

Sheet Piling

Sheet piling is used in water retention systems and in retaining soils deep underground. They’re environmentally friendly, have a long service life, and can be used for temporary construction, such as with cofferdams, or in permanent construction as retaining walls, bulkheads, and more.

Auger Cast Pile Installation

This involves the laying of deep foundation elements, cast into place, using a hollow stem auger with continuous flights. Drilled soil/rock is removed with the extraction of the auger, and concrete or grout is pumped through the hollow stem. Reinforcing steel is then lowered in. This is a popular method for making very strong buildings, tanks, towers and bridges, able to resist compressive, uplift, and lateral loads.

Drain Maintenance

We provide drain maintenance services for the public and individuals . We can come to your home to clear any clogging you are having in your drains, after performing an analysis as to what is causing the clog; and we can maintain storm drainage systems in public areas and along city roadways, analyzing what the problem is, then cleaning and clearing the drains.

Portable Toilets

We are now offering portable toilets for rent. Designed for convenience, our portable toilets are the perfect addition to any event, construction space or remote location. An exceptionally durable toilet that can withstand constant use and one that is easy to clean and maintain. A roomy interior along with high flow molded-in vent screens allow for continuous airflow that effectively reduces odor. Easy to transport, quick to position.

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