From very effective odor control products, to environmentally friendly drain openers and degreasers, we have the products you need to maintain your drain and sewage systems.

Professional Drain Openers

Sewer Solve II

SEWER SOLVE II is a liquid caustic solution that cleans and maintains drains, manholes piping and grease traps by attacking the sources of stopped or slow moving drains, (hair, paper, wood, soap scum and slime). It quickly dissolves matter which becomes trapped, matted and tangled.

  • Highly concentrated caustic formula
  • Use in sinks, bathtubs, floors, drains, manholes, piping, grease traps, sewers
  • Recommended for hotels, schools, clinics, restaurants, water treatment plants
  • Thermo-active
  • Fast acting, fast dissolving formula
  • Biodegradable

Special Cleaners

DO-2000 Pine Solvent Degreaser

DO-2000 is a super concentrated, heavy duty, fast acting Ester-Pine Terpene solvent blend that penetrates, cleans and dissolves even the heaviest greases. Has a combination of biodegradable solvents and surfactants that makes it an excellent de greaser. DO-2000 is the perfect product for use as a drain opener, a degreaser and an emulsifier where high solvency for rapid cleaning is required.

It is recommended for use in Household, Institutional, Automotive, Asphalt, Paving Industry, Adhesive Manufacturing, Mechanical Shops, Maintenance, Electronics, Marine Applications, Printing Industry, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Oil, Gas and Petroleum Industry, Water and Waste treatment where it has a cost advantage over similar products.

  • Excellent for Grease and oil dissolution
  • Cleans, Degreases and Deodorizes
  • Biodegradable and Environmentally Emulsifyable Solvent Degreaser
  • Safe to the environment
  • Non-Acid, Non-Caustic, Non-Corrosive
  • Fast penetrating action, cuts through gums, grease, wax, paints and everyday dirt and soil
  • Cleans and maintains drains, pipes and grease traps
  • Wipes off oils at contact
  • Special for metal cleaning
  • Pre Spot Destainer for laundry and Carpet cleaning
  • Efficient, economical and effective concentrated formula

Odor Control

Sewer Fresh

SEWER FRESH is a liquid odor neutralizer that captures malodor molecules due to its polarity and chemical affinity to some particular odor molecules and reacts to inactivate them. It is specially formulated with a unique molecular structure to counteract and eliminate aromatic and heterocyclic odor molecules, derived from organic waste, sewers and animal body secretions.

  • Eliminates organic odors from waste of animal functions and secretions
  • Special molecule selectively captures malodor molecules on contact
  • Acts on organic aromatic and cyclic molecules like Mercaptans, Terpenes, Amines, Sulfides, Ammonium, etc.
  • Can be used in combination with enzymes
  • Safe to the environment
  • Leaves a pleasant fragrance to surroundings

Liquid Enzymes 3000

LIQUID ENZYMES is a blend of a Novel combination of strains of bacteria cultures and enzymes. It is a new, balanced formulation for drain maintenance, producing a high level of Lipase, Protease and cellulose to better solve your waste and odor problems.

  • Non-toxic, non-acid, non-alkaline odor eliminator and grease digesters
  • Specially formulated for efficient digestion of organic residues
  • Safe to the environment
  • For industrial and commercial applications
  • Beneficial to plumbing
  • Harmless to humans, pets, Livestock and fish

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